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Popular Services:

💑 Income protection

Find insurance to cover the loss of income.

🛠 Workplace benefit plans

Help shopping and setting up health insurance & retirement plans.

Retirement saving with no worries 👍

Fixed-rate and indexed annuities are a great way to grow your savings & plan for retirement.

Happy customers since 1983 😊

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Insurance Services for:

  • Planning healthcare & final expenses;

  • Reducing benefit plan costs; and

  • Securing retirement income.

Retirement Services for:

  • Starting a retirement plan;

  • Planning retirement income; and

  • Growth of savings with no worries.

Life Settlements for:

  • Saving the loss of a life insurance benefit; or

  • Finding more than the cash-in value.

Services for Heirs:

  • Options for collecting benefits and help with a life insurance, annuity, or retirement benefit claim.

Success Stories

Success Stories

Retirement Services:

Customer had no retirement savings.  


Advice saved customer over $20k for retirement after a few years.​


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