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  • Mark Dierolf

Will an illness kill your job or business?

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

No one wants to think about the risk of an illness, but it can happen without notice.

Don't expect your family to think clearly in a crisis. Help them prepare so there will be no worries.

Life insurance is used to fund the untimely buyout of a business or lost wages, but an illness is more likely to cause the loss of a job or business.

Without money to fund the loss, your partners, family, or you may be forced to rely on social services, or liquidate the business.

The loss of income is more likely to happen while working. And it's too late to buy insurance to cover losses after they have happened.

If a partner or you lost income today, could a buyout or lost wages be paid? Protecting your life investment and family with discounted dollars is a bargain.

Don't be forced to sell your business, or need social services. Insurance covers your loss and ensures a happy ending.

Income replacement and buyout planning are insurance services of Mark Dierolf @ (831) 753-0507.



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