Why Original Medicare beats an Advantage plan

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People with Original Medicare are often lured to switch to an "advantage" plan with a reward. But what's at risk is often ignored.

A Medicare Advantage plan replaces Original Medicare with different coverage and a different healthcare network.

Consider these costs before leaving Original Medicare:

  • Your choice of a Med-gap plan (Medicare supplement) is lost.

  • You may not have access to the doctors you want and may lose access to benefits when needed the most; and

  • You may be surprised with a higher premium when you didn't have drug coverage before, Part D.

Original Medicare is better because:

  • You have many Medi-gap products to choose from;

  • You don't have to buy a drug plan. You can save premiums now, and pay more for each month without coverage if you opt-in later.

  • Medi-gap plan comparison is easy with lettered plan types; and

  • You may change your Medi-gap plan on your birthday with no worries.

Remember that Original Medicare with a Med-gap and drug plan are the best choice.

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