Social Security & Medicare Planning

Updated: Aug 15

Social Security is a government sponsored annuity benefit, but it's seldom enough to live on, especially after the lost of a partner's income.

  • Do you have a plan to supplement your benefit, or to replace the loss of your partner's?

When planning lifetime income for you and a partner, always look at life insurance before starting retirement income. Life insurance can maximize a retirement income benefit for you and a life partner.

If you are still working, there is a risk of overpayment if you take Social Security retirement benefits early. Read this before applying.

Medicare alone is seldom enough to cover medical expenses, but you need to have parts A (hospital), B (doctor) and D (drug).

You also need a Medicare Advantage Plan or a supplement to Original Medicare unless you are covered by Medicaid.

A Medicare Advantage Plan replaces Medicare as the payer and may limit access to doctors. It may offer a low premium, but not if Part D (drug) coverage is required and you had opted out. And you may not be able to leave the insurer if you have a health issue.

Original Medicare with a supplement is best when you want freedom of choice as the benefit. You may also change the supplement's insurer on your birthday with no health worries.

There is much to learn and to be done both before and after retirement. Learn more from books published by Social Security covering Medicare healthcare coverage to disability and retirement income plans.

  • Are you worried about preparing alone? Worry no more because my services include a free review of what can be done for you.

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