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Social Security & Retirement Planning

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Social Security publishes many helpful books, from Medicare insurance coverage, to disability and retirement income plans. But there is much more to learn to prepare for these losses:

  • Loss of future retirement income.

Social Security survivor benefits are are seldom enough, especially when a surviving spouse loses income. You need to plan ahead and create your own pension plan with a deferred annuity. But don't choose a lower benefit to continue it for your spouse until you compare with life insurance.

  • Loss of choice and hidden cost of a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage plans offer lower premiums, but not if Part D (drug) coverage is required. If you already opted out, you will have to pay a monthly penalty for late Part D enrollment.

Advantage plans are that are also an EPO or HMO also have less access to benefits than Original Medicare.

  • Loss of paid retirement income.

Retirees sometimes make the mistake of taking Social Security retirement income early while still working. They risk losing benefits that will have to be paid back later. Read this before applying for early Social Security benefits.

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