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Don't play roulette with your retirement

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

A chance to earn more than a bank CD or a fixed-rate annuity is tempting, but that chance may come at a cost: the risk of losing your money.

You should never risk losing more than you can afford.

While some investments are called a "security," that refers to its ownership because you could still lose money.

A broker/dealer may say keep playing the market when your investment is losing value, but a loss costs you time, and the value may never return.

There is a better way to grow your savings than betting on market timing:

  • A fixed-rate deferred annuity is a low-risk product with annual statements. It's the way to go for savers who are too busy or don't have the skill to play on Wall Street.

A fixed-rate deferred annuity offers:

  1. Growth of savings with no worries;

  2. A benefit for your heirs;

  3. A lifetime income benefit for you; or

  4. Tax-deferral of interest outside of an IRA.

Savers love annuities when they understand how they work.

An annuity review, and the best use and maintenance of a fixed-rate annuity are retirement services offered by Mark Dierolf @ (831) 753-0507.


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