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Don't let a life insurance policy go until its value is known

Updated: Jun 16

People often cash-in their life insurance policy, let a guarantee expire, or let it go for nothing at all when it could be sold for a windfall.

When the insured reaches age 60, or any age when there is a chronic illness, a life insurance benefit that is no longer needed may be sold for more than it's value to the insurer. Even a term life policy may be sold.

No more worries about premiums when sold. The buyer takes over, paying cash now, or sharing some of the benefit later.

The sale of a life insurance policy is called a "life settlement." Sales are regulated by state governments and handled by the buyer or the policyowner's broker.

Buyers don't have to offer you fair value for your policy. But a broker like me works for you, helping you find the most value for your policy.

It doesn't matter who the insurer or agent who sold the policy is, you may find added value with my help.

Policy owners are often forced to sell when not ready because of:

  • High premiums;

  • A divorce or separation;

  • An estate sale of the policy;

  • Policy can no longer pay for itself; or

  • Cash is needed more than the benefit.

But an owner should sell a policy when:

  • Its purpose has ended;

  • Policy is at risk of lapse;

  • There's no beneficiary for the benefit; or

  • Some or all of the benefit is not needed.

Buyers want a policy when it's a good investment, even a term policy.

The value of your policy depends on how much the buyer is expects to pay to keep it in force: the higher the premiums and longer the insured is expected to live, the less a buyer will give.

A policy can lose value if you are not prepared. My services include:

  • A review of your policy from any insurer or agent;

  • Advice on fixing issues affecting a policy's value;

  • Marketing your policy to buyers; and

  • Help growing a new benefit from your settlement.

A policy review protects you, your policy and it's free.

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Remember to not let a policy go until its value is known.


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